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holds the top spot as the most popular tourist destination in the world with more than 80 million tourists visiting Paris last year. It is very well connected internationally. Paris is one of the most contemporary cities with a rich vibrant historical heritage. The French capital offers plethora of attractions like Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre-Dame, and Champs-Elysees Boulevard,to name a few. World famous majestic monuments, art and sculptures, flavourful wine and fine dining, fashion and culture. They are all fabricated together to form the spirit of the lovely city of Paris.

Paris Essentials =====

Top 10 Attractions =====

Culture Tips =====

Dress well. French are very particular about their own dressing sense and tend to notice people from top to bottom.
When entering or leaving a shop wish the staff. A simple bonjour, monsieur/madame and au revoir, merci are considered polite.
French are formal people and do not like to have their privacy invaded. Maintaining certain distance is advisable.
Eating on the go is not really appreciated by the French.
Abstaining from being too loud is a good idea.

Do's and Don't's =====


      ▪ Do plan a holiday with enough time to just lounge about in a road side cafe or bar to enjoy and soak in your surroundings.
      ▪ Do travel by Metro. Its the cheapest and best.
      ▪ Do always greet people in French.
      ▪ Do choose less touristy, slightly distant arrondissements. They can have cool clubs, restaurants, quaint parks and cemeteries.
      ▪ Do carry your student ID card: One can get huge discounts on student IDs.
      ▪ Do have access to certain apps to guide you on eating joints, shopping places etc.

      ▪ Don't carry large bills as few shops have change.
      ▪ Don't use taxies. They are expensive and traffic can also lead to spending unnecessary time on the roads.
      ▪ Don't talk to fishy looking strangers. They may be out to fleece you.
      ▪ Don't be extra sensitive to cold behaviour if exhibited by locals. Smile and move on.